The vegetable share runs for 22 weeks, from June through November and provides enough produce to form the core of a week’s worth of meals for a typical omnivorous couple (we recommend that vegetarians and families supplement with additional vegetables). An average share consists of a couple of pounds of leafy greens, a few pounds of root vegetables  (like carrots, potatoes, and onions), and is often supplemented with fresh herbs and small quantities of specialty vegetables. Expect to see about six to eight different vegetable varieties each week. The veggie share is the basis of our CSA. You must have at least a half veggie share to sign up for any of the other items, or “extras”.


Plan A (combined income over $140,000): Full Shares: $620, Half Shares: $310
Plan B (combined income under $140,000): Full Shares: $518, Half Shares: $259
Plan C (income under $60,000 for a family, income under $35,000 for an individual): Full Shares: $362, Half Shares: $181





The fruit share runs for 20 weeks, beginning with the first or second week’s distribution. A typical share might consist of a pint of berries or several pounds of apples. Due to the challenges of growing fruit in upstate New York’s chilly climate, not all of the fruit is grown organically.  


Full: $158
Half: $79



Running for ten weeks, flower shares consist of a fresh-cut bouquet of a single variety of flower or an arrangement of several blooms grown on Windflower Farm, all selected for their color, fragrance, and long-lasting qualities.


$132 for 10 weeks



You can purchase weekly OR bi-weekly shares of a half dozen, one dozen, or two dozen farm fresh pastured eggs from cage-free chickens raised by the Davis family.



Half Dozen: $65 (weekly) // $33 (biweekly)
Full Dozen: $130 // $65
Two Dozen: $258 // $130


CSA members can also sign up for specialty extras shares through Lewis Waite, which connects small family farms and producers with consumers through CSA deliveries. Look for the LWF section on the 2017 PHCSA order form, and click here to learn more. The types of shared offered are**:

  • The Carnivore ($270), The Vegetarian ($240), The Omnivore ($300), The Challenger ($60),  and The Cheese Lover ($180) shares are delivered MONTHLY, for a total of six deliveries.
  • The Bread Lover ($156) share is delivered BIWEEKLY, for a total of 11 deliveries.

You can also order from Lewis Waite Farm a la carte:  pasture raised meat and poultry, fresh bread, butter, yogurt, ice cream, and artisan cheeses. They also offer locally made pantry staples like granola, organic flour, dried organic beans and grains, natural jams and chutneys, and more. You can see a complete list on their website.

Prospect Heights CSA members register here or to learn more, click here.

** prices are last year’s