Lewis Waite Farm

Lewis Waite Farm strives to connect small farms and consumers within their region. They offer a wide variety of farm-fresh, additive-free, artisanal and organic products including meat, fish, milk, yogurt, flour, granola, cheese, vinegar, and more. You can see their full range of offerings on their website.

PHCSA members can order from Lewis Waite a la carte for delivery every two weeks during the CSA season. 

To register to order from Lewis Waite:

1. Click this link to register
2. Click the link in your confirmation email from Lewis Waite to confirm your registration
3. One you are logged in, shop by category or by farm and complete the checkout process.
4. You will receive an invoice the week of your pickup. Payment can be made via Paypal or by check.
5. Pick up your order during regular CSA pickup hours.


  • Lewis Waite ordering is for current CSA members only.

  • It is YOUR responsibility to read CSA emails and mark your calendar for LWF delivery days.

  • Orders CANNOT be stored after the set pickup times. If you forget to pick up your order, it will be donated and you will not receive a refund or a replacement.